Gruppo Tavola – Caciara mural illustration and identity

Wall illustration, logotype and pattern for Caciara, a brand new italian restaurant in the heart of Milan. The restaurant concept plays with culinary and cultural traditions from all over Italy, and purposes a delicious menu that is both classic and contemporary, paying great attention to ingredients quality as well as vegan, vegetarian an coeliac-friendly options. For the main wall I was looking for a non clichéd way to represent italian traditions: I worked on the theme of the feast, as an authentic manifestation of community joy, through sacred and profane rituals, symbols and – of course – good food. The illustration is designed to interact with architectural elements such as mirrors and lights and stylistically hits to futurism and vintage italian graphic design. The same stylistic concept is used for the logotype, the towels and the oil labels, as well as the overall Gruppo Tavola branding, which I also curated.

I also design the textile pattern of a super cool bench: the same pattern is used in the foulards worn by the restaurant staff.