Hey there! I am Alberto, I live in Milan, where I work as illustrator for editorial, advertising, books, magazines, physical objects, digital media, small spaces, large canvas.
Inspired by futurism, constructivism and mid-century modern, my illustrations are made of sharp shapes and harmonious curves, expressive bespoke letterforms, solid colors and clear-cut shadows. I love working with stripped-down palettes: one color is a challenge, two are a mission, three are comfort zone, four are luxury, five are way too much:) Overlays and negative space are allies I often rely on

I would define my style as playful and energetic: however, it is always evolving, because I just can't stop researching and loving what I do.

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Selected clients & collaborations
Medici Senza Frontiere, La Repubblica, United Nations, Alce Nero, Istituto Europeo di Design, Solferino, Millionaire, Monocle, VITA, Onice Design, Zetafonts, Lavieri Edizioni, Verba Volant Edizioni & more

Acknowledgements and features
Premio Illustri 2019 – Advertising Finalist
Autori di Immagini – AI Annual 2021
World Illustration Awards 2021 - Editorial Longlist

20 Illustrators for 2020 – I-D / Vice Italy
Interview on The Submarine
Interview on The Covent Gardener

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